Who We Are

In a world where we’re glued to our phones and trapped in our filter bubbles, the communities we form online are as important as our relationships in real life. But these communities are under attack by fake news and disinformation, undermining our financial systems, our energy infrastructure, even our democracy.

We can help. We’re national security, digital media, and machine learning experts who have been building and defending online communities since the dawn of social media.

The Team

Jonathon Morgan

Jonathon Morgan, CEO

Jonathon has spent the past 12 years building new technologies and digital products. He's also published research with the Brookings Institution, served as a Special Advisor to the State Department, and leads Data for Democracy, a volunteer collective of 1,800 data scientists and technologists.


Sandeep Verma

Sandeep Verma, CTO

Sandeep is a passionate technologist with more than a decade of experience architecting and building large enterprise solutions. Sandeep enjoys photography, playing basketball and spending time with his family.


Ryan Fox

Ryan Fox, COO

Ryan spent 15 years at the NSA championing next-generation SIGINT solutions, driven to support national security interests. Prior to his civilian roles as a Counter Terrorism Fellow and NSA Representative European SIGINT partners, he served under U.S. Joint Special Operation Command (JSOC), as a CNO Analyst for the U.S. Army.

Paul Azunre

Paul Azunre, Research Scientist

Paul received a PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT in 2014. He has written scientific software and consulted for a number of companies, including Oracle, MathWorks and a variety of startups. He has been known to enjoy a friendly but competitive game of soccer.

Kirk Byers

Kirk Byers, Software Engineer

Kirk is a software engineer focused on JavaScript development. He has previously built and supported MVPs for businesses ranging from startups to large corporations. Kirk is a certified coffee snob and a board game geek, and has a background in physics.

Christian Carey

Christian Carey, Software Engineer

Christian is a software developer who specializes in building web servers and user interfaces. He has experience prototyping applications for early-stage startups, is a co-founder of the nonprofit Kids4Cure, and has been known to play a mean keyboard solo.

Astrid Countee

Astrid Countee, Community & Anthropolgy

Astrid is the community manager for Data For Democracy. She is an anthropologist by training, and technologist by choice with a background in research, data analysis, and web development. Astrid likes reading real books, playing with her three dogs, wandering around museums, and making noise with her keyboard and guitar.


Craig Corcoran

Craig Corcoran, Data Scientist

Craig studied computer science in the PhD program at UT Austin where he focused on machine learning and artificial intelligence with an emphasis on reinforcement learning. When he’s away from his computer, Craig enjoys rock climbing, playing guitar, and woodworking.

Betsy Dupuis

Betsy Dupuis, UX Designer & Developer

Betsy is a multi-disciplinary user experience designer and JavaScript developer. She has over ten years of experience working in design for companies ranging in size from early-stage startups to large companies such as HomeAway. She combines a passions for design and technology to create innovative user experiences.


Ben Starling

Ben Starling, Data Engineer

Ben studied Economics at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and has a background in investment banking technology. He loves building tools, specializing in data acquisition pipelines. An avid Python enthusiast, he can be found roaming the halls at NYC Python meetups and larger tech conferences. He listens to way too many podcasts and enjoys distance running.

Craig Corcoran

Becky Ruppel, Data Scientist

Becky has a Masters degree in Biology and studied ecology and population genetics of native bees to improve species conservation practices. She enjoys applying modeling and statistical techniques from population genetics and bioinformatics to problems in Data Science. In her free time she raises chickens and works in her veggie garden.

Dave Sullivan

David Sullivan, Data Scientist

David earned a Masters in Computer Science specializing in Machine Learning and a B.S. in Physics, both from Rice University. In his free time, he enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons and doing Krav Maga.