Tech Society Podcast

This Episode: Meme Wars

Welcome to the Meme Wars. What once were considered frivolous jokes and harmless pranks have evolved into information warfare. Groups like ISIS used memes promote extremism and recruit terrorists, while Russia deployed an army of internet trolls to sow discord and undermine the US elections. What are the rules of engagement in this battle for the media narrative, and what's next?

Our host, Jonathon Morgan, was joined on this episode by a panel of three fantastic guests:

Charlie Warzel

Charlie is a journalist at BuzzFeed who covers disinformation and internet culture. Find him on Twitter.

Renee DiResta

Renee researches computational propaganda with Data for Democracy, and is a former venture capital investor and trader. Find her on Twitter.

Jeff Giesea

Jeff is an entrepreneur and writer on memetic warfare, and organizer of the Deploraball. Find him on LinkedIn