Automatically analyze enterprise data, explore insights, learn quickly, and share securely.

The Visual Interface

Business teams use the Studio to immediately see what is in the data, explore the automatically generated analysis and instantly get report-ready visualizations. The analysis and visualizations are specially designed to make it easy for business teams to quickly consume and share new insights.

Software development teams use the Studio to quickly get the lay of the data landscape. Navigate to insights that internal or external customers want, customize the analysis as needed, and the Studio auto-generates the corresponding code and API queries. Developers simply paste the code into their software applications to embed the analytics.

New Knowledge


Add beautiful maps, graphs, text narratives, and interactive visualizations to reports and dashboards. Use best-in-practice auto-visualizations to communicate every insight.

New Knowledge


Responsive, device-friendly, interactive, visual, and textual analytics help to iterate quickly through the analysis and intuitively discover trends, patterns, and answers.

New Knowledge


Business and non-technical teams can discover insights on their own, visually guided by machine intelligence towards the most meaningful insights in their data.

New Knowledge


Machine intelligence recommends the most optimal visualizations for communicating insights using algorithms based on the latest research and industry best practices.

New Knowledge


Add the analytics to reports, presentations, websites, and embed them into existing software applications safely.

New Knowledge


Completely customize the the look of the insights and visualizations to seamlessly fit into preferred design and branding.

New Knowledge

Under The Hood

Every feature in the Studio is powered by the New Knowledge API, the Studio is just one approach to exposing the capability of New Knowledge via a visual interface. Use the Studio as is or custom build your own visual analytics layer with the New Knowledge API.

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