Front End Engineer

Designing data driven applications to help understand online discourse.

We hope you’re looking for a team where you can drive decisions, be challenged and build a great user experience. You want to collaborate with smart, creative, and energetic people. You’re comfortable with being uncomfortable. You look for projects where you can learn new technologies and techniques. You’re comfortable designing, developing, testing, and launching software. You’re creative. You’re a coder. You’re awesome.

We're creating a platform to help understand and explore online communities. Day-to-day you’ll work with a rapidly growing team of other front end engineers, software engineers and data-scientists, building out front end components in a way that'll make it a pleasure for the user to work with. Collaborating will be huge, and there's a lot to do - there's no shortage of exciting work. There are a lot of resources available to us and you'll be early in the company. You’ll have a huge impact.

Important things in no particular order:

  • We have revenue as well as funding, so as far as startups go, ours is stable.
  • We’re not a venture-backed startup. This isn’t a Redbull-fueled, brogrammer kind of place.
  • We're building applications from scratch and have the ability to build in the most relevant, latest technologies.
  • Ideally you’ll live in Austin, or were just thinking to yourself “I’d sure like to move to Austin!” right before reading this. We’ll make exceptions for the right person.


  • You’re the kind of person who applies for a job even when you don’t meet all the requirements
  • 3+ years in front end development, using modern javascript. React or Angular experience is preferred
  • Experience in Agile-ish project/product delivery
  • Experience designing with the customer in mind
  • Experience working with a team
  • Desire to build code we can all be proud of
  • Skills and personality to operate effectively in a very fast-paced, complex business
  • Flexibility to work in new projects as they arise


  • Competitive salary, benefits, and generous equity
  • A business that trusts and embraces technology
  • A leadership team that wants to do it right and is open to new ideas
  • Use your preference of tools and hardware
  • Flexible work hours

Email for more details.