Data Scientist

Imagining the next generation of data science applications.

We hope you’re looking for a team where you can provide research and technical leadership. You want to collaborate with smart, creative, and energetic people to solve problems you won’t find in a text book. You’re comfortable with being uncomfortable. You look for projects where you can implement bleeding edge machine learning research, invent new approaches, learn new technologies, and define the next generation of data science. You’re a thinker. You’re a coder. You’re awesome.

We’re creating machine learning technologies for data science automation, and are focused specifically on problems like automated exploratory data analysis (learning what’s “interesting” about datasets, in general), semantic data “type” classification (think object recognition, but for datasets), and natural language interfaces (chat bots that understand your data and communicate like a data analyst). Day-to-day you’ll be autonomous from end-to-end where you get to do the whole stack without having to wait on anyone else. You’ll discuss and share mathematical and programmatic challenges with world-class peers. You’ll have a huge impact.

Important things in no particular order:

  • You are one of our first hires, but the three founders are all experienced technologists. Two of us are working, published data scientists who have conducted technology research with DARPA, though we’ll be looking to you for leadership on this project.
  • We’re all married (not to each other), and two of us have kids.
  • We’re not a venture-backed startup. This isn’t a Redbull-fueled, brogrammer kind of place.
  • We have at least two years of funding for this project, and probably four, so, as small companies go, ours is stable.
  • We're technology agnostic, but will be collaborating closely with other companies and releasing our work as open source projects. Experience with Python, Scala, Spark, Kafka, and/or other open source tools used in modern machine learning applications will be helpful.
  • Ideally you’ll live in Austin, or were just thinking to yourself “I’d sure like to move to Austin!” right before reading this. We’ll make exceptions for the right person.


  • You’re the kind of person who applies for a job even when you don’t meet all the requirements
  • An academic or professional background in something like astrophysics, cognitive neuroscience, or mathematics with demonstrated professional expertise in machine learning
  • Fluency in Python or Scala
  • Great communications skills
  • Skills and personality to operate effectively in a very fast-paced, complex business
  • The wisdom to recognize that simple is sometimes best
  • Direct experience with computational linguistics is a plus
  • Background in graph theory is a plus
  • Comfort deploying models to production software is a plus


  • Competitive salary, benefits, and generous equity
  • A business that trusts and embraces technology
  • A leadership team that wants to do it right and is open to new ideas
  • Use your preference of tools and hardware
  • Flexible work hours

Email for more details.