Automating Data Science

New Knowledge

About New Knowledge

Machine intelligence that automates advanced data analysis, visualization, and model selection. Engineering teams go from raw data to live, interactive embeddable dashboards in minutes (not months). Business teams visually explore insights, discover meaning, and make predictions in an instant.

New Knowledge Studio

The Studio is a visual insight discovery tool for business and technical teams to explore data for meaningful insights and communicating them effectively to their teams. Use the Studio as is or embed the visual data exploration capability into another tool.

There are infinite ways of exposing the analytical power of New Knowledge via a graphical user interface.


New Knowledge API

The API is a programmatic interface to New Knowledge machine intelligence that gives complete control over every step of the data science workflow. Automate the analysis as much or as little as needed, integrate as deep into existing technology as required.

Focus on gaining new insights to help solve meaningful problems. Leave the tedious data science, statistics, computations, analytics, modelling, and visualization work to the machine.


Automated Analytics

New Knowledge

Speed up learning

Embed high-performance intelligent analytics into data workflows and automate to speed up every iteration going from raw data to insight.

New Knowledge

Increase value of data

Data augmentation derives entirely new levels of intelligence from data and reduces manual work. New Knowledge can automatically augment data, dramatically increasing its value.

New Knowledge

Inform intuition

Machine intelligence automates the process of extracting knowledge from data to enhance human intuition. Form hypothesis, run New Knowledge on your data, explore the analysis, learn, and repeat.