Fight disinformation & defend your brand

New Knowledge protects your brand from social media disinformation by identifying fake accounts, fake news, and propaganda campaigns. Get early warnings when bad actors are trying to attack your reputation or manipulate your customers, and learn how to defend yourself.

New Knowledge

Defending public discourse

Disinformation Defense for Brands, Politics, and National Security

New Knowledge is the world's first platform for social media threat mitigation. Online communities are increasingly targeted and manipulated by trolls, criminals, even governments, who weaponize information to try and shape social media discussion.

Our platform monitors social media to identify fake accounts, fake news, and propaganda campaigns as they happen. We give you early indicators that a propaganda campaign is targeting your organization, your brand, or a community you care about. Detect what the trolls are talking about, who is shaping their conversation, and how you can fight back.

Technology and Principles

For the past five years, our PhDs, software engineers, and national security experts have been developing advanced AI for understanding conversations in context. Our machine learning models inspect images, learn language, and map online communities. Our algorithms learn what words mean by observing how they’re used in context — just like humans.

We believe there are three steps to understanding and defending public discourse: Community, Conversation, and Security


We've been shaping online communities for over a decade. We were there with the first bloggers and the earliest social networks. We believe in the power of online communities, and understand how they’re vulnerable.


Our unique language technology goes deep, understanding not just what people in online communities, but how they say it — their biases, beliefs, and passions.


We developed these technologies to hunt terrorist networks online, and learn how their propaganda influenced the public. And we were one of the first private companies to sound the alarm about disinformation campaigns that sow discord and shape elections.

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Getting Started

We're here to help you protect your customers from fake news and disinformation, discover the online communities that share your values, and learn how to shape their conversations.